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A long time ago in the holy land, an ancestor with the last name of Georgiou was baptized in the Jordan river. This added the prefix Hatzi, creating Hatzigeorgiou. Hatzi stems from the Arabic word for the pilgrimage to Mecca, which is called the Hajj.
Person 1: “Hello, is this do you pronounce your last name?” (Sounds shocked)
Ms. Hat: “oh, hahahahaha, yeah, it’s a long one! It’s pronounced Haat-ze-George-e-oh.”
Person 1: “oh, my!”
Ms. Hat: “it looks intimidating, but it’s phonetically correct.”
Person 1: “that must’ve taken you forever to learn how to spell, you poor thing so hat-zi-gorgo?”
Ms. Hat: “Hatzigeorgiou”
by Purifieddrinking May 17, 2018
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