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An exercise program created by Ben Hatley. Used as a warm up stretch before he does other things. His wife, Liv, often joins him as do his four grandkids, especially Nick. He often will spend hours doing these, much to Liv's dismay. This is one of the best warm up stretches you can do.
Ben: (groaning) Oh, I threw my back out. I should have done my Hatleystretch.

Liv: No problem. I was about to do my Tai Chi anyway. Want me to help?

Ben: Sure! Once I stretch out, here, I'm hopping on the Benmobile. (Ben and Liv start stretching each other)

Liv: Here, easy there, don't overstretch it, now. You don't want to tear up a muscle.

Ben: Yeah, you're right. Maybe we should just do it easy so that we just warm the muscle. We don't want it to rip.

Nick: What are you two doing? Can I try it, too?

Ben: Sure! Its just our Hatleystretch. Why don't you try it? Granma Liv can help.

Liv: (takes Nick and starts stretching him) Now this is easy. Just do what I do, okay?

Nick: (starts laughing) Wow! This feels great. Have you always done this?

(Ben and Liv both start laughing)

Ben: Yup! We've been doing it for several years. Heck, I invented it! Used to do it when I lugged mail.

Liv: I've done it, too! Helps me with my Tai Chi. (lunges at Nick doing a crane punch)

Nick: Wow! Hatleystretches are nice! I'm gonna have to tell Mommy and Daddy how!
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 17, 2011
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