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A game which mixes baseball and soccer. Played by Ben Hatley and his grandkids. The rules are as follows: a game is divided into four fifteen minute quarters called 'Hatleys', a soccer ball is placed on a baseball tee and then hit with a baseball bat, however far the ball goes down the field is either a single, double, or triple. Or if the ball is close enough to the goal it is a grand slam. The ball is then picked up and run into the goal by the scoring player, scoring either 1, 2, 3, or 4 points depending on how far it went. Hatleyball is played all over the world. Ask Ben Hatley, he'd tell you!
Ben: Hey Nelson, you want to play some Hatleyball?

Nelson: Wow! But I don't get it Grandpa Ben. What's Hatleyball?

Ben: Its this game that mixes baseball and soccer. See, I'll show you. You hit the ball off the tee as far down as you want. Then, however far it goes is a single, double, triple, or grand slam. Then you pick up the ball and you run toward the goal with it. If you score the goal, its worth up to four points. (Ben demonstrates how to play)

Liv: Yeah, Nelson, this is fun! You should try it. So, you wanna play? How about you and Coach Patty against me and Grandpa Ben. Two on two!

Nelson: (squeals) Great! But we'll probably be stiff. We'll need some warm up stretches.

Ben: That's easy. Let's all do a Hatley Hula. There you go, ease into it. This is just a warm up stretch.

Liv: Whoah! That ought to limber us up! (blows the coach whistle) Game on!

Patty: Just you wait, Team Hatley! Wolfe and Tokoname are on the hunt! We'll beat you!

Ben: Hatleyball rocks! There's no way you're gonna beat us, Patricia. (like he was mad)
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 24, 2011
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