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A Haterist, is someone who has been given the gift, of Hate.

A Haterist is usually handsome, funny, and rude.

There are people who claim to be a skilled Hater, but they do not possess the title of Haterist. The only truly, skilled Haters are called Haterists. They take offense to being called Haters, because the name Haterist was invented because they are truly something more.

They are equipped with a vast knowledge of how to insult, on nearly any topic, and almost always have good insults.

They are not afraid to say anything to anyone, another reason why they have been given the title.

A Haterist can be looked at in 2 ways, you either love them, or hate them. When you hate them, it's probably because they wanted you to, by insulting. When you hate them, you have fallen into their trap, and have revealed yourself to be nothing short of a Dumbass.

When you love them, it's because you respect their wit, and think that they are just genuinely funny people.

A Haterist is truly an amazing thing. Depending on how you look at it.

^The Greatest of all Haterists.
by 4EyedSquirrel July 07, 2009
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