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H hopeful

A accomplished

S smart

N neat

A admirable

A attractive

T talented

is a Muslim boy name, it is an Arabic originated name. He is the best person you could ever meet. He is perfect in every way, he is a shy boy, who is super intelligent, and every person he meets adore him. He has beautiful dark brown eyes that you can stare at all day. He falls for only one special person, so if you are the special person, try to make a move, you’ll regret it. He really cares about the people in his life, and always thinks about them before himself. He’s a super hopeful person and sees the bright side of things.

If you don't have a Hasnaat in your life, you're missing out on something amazing.
Girl: who is that boy, he’s super cute!

Other girl: oh, he’s Hasnaat, he’s so smart, he helped me with my work today!

Girl: wow your lucky! I wish he can help me too!
by Unknown❓ July 10, 2018
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