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The backdoor into Harvard. Despite its lack of prestige due to its open enrollment, graduates somehow end up getting into top ranked graduate schools, and coveted jobs. Yet they only paid 1/4 of the price for pretty much the same degree as the "real" Harvard students.
Person 1: "Where did you go to college"
Person 2: "Harvard Extension School"
Person 1: "What's that?"
Person 2: "The evening classes at Harvard"
Person 1: "Oh so you're not a real Harvard student? Well at least I went to the real University at Yale"
Person 2: "Yeah have fun with that, now I'm going to go back to my job at Goldman Sachs, and destroy the economy some more, while you have fun paying off your massive loans that I own."
by The living coconut January 10, 2014
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Harvard Extension School is sometimes referred to being a school for wanna be school for Harvard Rejects. However turns out it can still get you into a decent Law School, or even medical school
Chang Says to strict parents "mom, dad I got accepted into Harvard!"
Parents "YAAAY"
Chang 4 years later "Mom, Dad I actually went to Harvard Extension School, but still got into Princeton Law!"
by Ausdaboss May 08, 2013
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