The Vanderbilt of the North

Harvard University is famous for being known as the Vanderbilt of the north
A: "You didn't get into Vandy?? "
B: "Nah man, but I got into Harvard University, so I guess I'll be fine. They don't call it the Vanderbilt of the north for nothing!"
by johnharvardthefirst April 07, 2013
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A school that was once prestigious but is now burdened with scandals and intense competition from regional as well as international universities. For example, Northeastern University has co-op and its students are now infiltrating investment banking, research, public accounting, and consulting.

While the school has money and is well known, its downfall is coming.
Man I love Harvard University and my degree is great, but not as useful and powerful as the kid from Northeastern University or Tufts University.
by UniversityMan November 11, 2019
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The Washington University of the North East. But, no tempurpedic mattresses, Jason Derulo concerts, or arches.
Emily: Damn Girl, I heard you got into Harvard University.

Savannah: I know its practically the WashU of the north east.

Emily: Sorry about your mattresses
by savannastasia steele October 12, 2020
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