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The eRepublik equivalent of the Patriotic Nigras.

A trolling group in the online browser game eRepublik, Harvad University was born from the ashes of a failed chan alliance, separating the whinging crybabies full of troll's remorse from those whose sole aim was to cause butthurt and frustrate all the serious business eRepublik players.

Amongst the faculty is Brofessor of Macroeconomics, David Peel and interestingly well-known gay porn star Billy Herrington.

Harvard University regularly DDOS eRepublik servers and country forums, particulary during important battles and elections to cause maximum lulz. They are well known for several long-term trolling campaigns including taking over eVenezuela and raising all taxes to 100%, the minimum wage to 999VEB and eventually forcing the president to concede the entire country to eBrazil; and for causing mass panic in eSouth Africa after they hacked into president Ines Schumacher's account and declared war on allies eAustralia, nearly bringing down the entire SOL alliance in the process. The countries forums were also destroyed and plastered with gore for the lulz.

Deeply despised throughout the eRepublik world, Harvad University continue to reap havoc and butthurt upon all those who dare oppose them. Having recently left eSouth Africa no-one is quite sure of their next target, but rest assured: no nation or citizen is safe!
"God damn Harvad faggots, I lost my HW medal after 245 consecutive days"

"So called "Harvad University" deserve to burn in hell for this, they have destroyed my beloved country. I will fight them til the end of my days."

"eRepublik is down again..."
"Probably those Harvard morons"
"Don't you mean Harvad?"
"Shut up"
by BrofessorDavidFailkipz January 07, 2010
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A group of retarted *Chantards who think they are causing mass "lulz" by DDoSing eRepublik and by attempting to take over nations and ruin them.

Their activities and IP's have been noted and the Banhammer is coming. Prosecution is also being looked into involving the Poliţia Română and Interpol.
LOK AT MeEeEeE! I R FRoM Harvad UnIv3rS1Ty!

"Harvad University" will come to know what its like to have a "Party Van" show up at their houses and take away their mothers computers.
by eRepublikAnon March 08, 2010
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