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In the middle of nowhere, it is an agricultural/equine/sports/animal college catering for diplomas through to masters degrees.

It is known for its stereotypical "horsey types" featuring fleshtone jodhpurs and rugby stars commonly thought to have balls bigger than brains - this is why they wear cups as any damage could prove fatal. Also noted are the wide variety of characters that make up the teaching staff and speedfreak bus drivers who seem to demonstrate very little knowledge of how to deal with the campuses mountain-resembling speed bumps.

Bar's not bad though, good sofas, ove the paninis.
One lecturer at Hartpury College specialising in parasitology is noted as being in short supply due to his stature, resultantly there are those who think little of him.

There are a distinct lack of straight male equine students, others are known to have a certain "intimate" relationship with their horses.

Yet other students have been duly warned with regard to their conduct:
"Students have been caught swimming in the Campus Lake. This is an extremely dangerous pastime, particularly when under the influence of alcohol, and must stop immediately."
by fred cb hannah April 25, 2009
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