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A person that waits in line at a harry potter book launch (most relevantly that of the final installment), and on receiving the sacred novel, promptly flicks to the final portion of the book, scim reads the vitals, then shouts as loudly as possible, the ending of this epic, 6/7? book long tale, destroying albeit temporarily, the lives of the previously oh so excited minions of the man with the big wand.

Some will go into greater depth once they get home, quickly figure out exactly what happens, then let as many fans as possible know what happens eg. by changing their facebook status to something like John Johnson is Harry shags ron who is actually voldemort, harry turns to the dark side with hermione, they menage a trois it till they die. NOT. because theyre immortal.
- Did you see Johns facebook status? What a twat.

- I think the phrase you're looking for is Harry Potter Terrorist
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