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A culmination of words, names and phrases from the Harry Potter World that can be used to describe or dictate ordinary everyday occurrences! Kind of the Wizard's alternative to "Cockney Rhyming Slang" just replacing "Cockney" with "Potter"!
Harry Potter Rhyming Slang examples:

Merlin’s Beard - God that’s weird!
Horcrux Snape - For f***’s sake!
That’s Weasley - That was easy!
Hermione Granger - Hello stranger!
Quiddich Quaffle - What a load of waffle!

...Now let’s see them used in situ:

I came out of the house only to see my dog grunting at a squirrel. “Merlin’s Beard!” I exclaimed. Then I noticed that my dog was standing on my favourite flower bed! ‘Horcrux Snape’ I thought to myself, ‘I only just planted those a year ago!’. I yelled at Dozer - my dog - to move his arse kindly off my flowers which he did, promptly. ‘Hmm...That was Weasley’ I thought to myself! Usually it takes longer for Dozer to recognize my mood and oblige my orders! Just then I saw and old friend of mine - Julianne - walking passed the house. “Hermione Granger!” I called out to her but she simply looked at me, puzzled, and said “Quiddich Quaffle!” and thus ended our conversation.
by WackyWizard June 24, 2011
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