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Harriet Wood is a young girl who is overall perfect. She doesn't realise how special she is but if you are lucky enough to know her then you will see how beautiful she is. Harriet could easily be a model with her tall slender figure and long brown blonde hair which is forever changing colours. No one really knows the true Harriet as she likes to keep things inside but she needs to believe in herself more. A moment in her company is a moment worth cherishing. Sometimes you don't realise how much you need someone until they are gone and this is Harriet for you. Her infectious laugh and never ending childish jokes it what you need to get you through a rough time. Though she has strong thoughts and isn't afraid to voice them, she is a good friend. Forever loved by her friends and anyone who knows her.
Harriet Wood, a girl never forgoteen.
by secretuntold June 09, 2013
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