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One of the best hugs you could ever get from anyone. No one knows quite how it's done. Because if you know you are sworn to never reveal how.
They make you melt into the other persons arms immediately.
They are known to alleviate stress .
Could cause you to be unfocused depending on the situation . In some cases could help you regain focus.
You do not need a prescription
No chance of overdose
Person 1- "How you feeling today?"
Person 2- "Eh not so good, I've been having a bad day"
Person 1- "Do you need a hug?.. a Harold Hug?"
Person 2- "You know how to give those? Thats just what I need to make my day brighter"
Person 1- "You got it! One Harold Hug coming up!!"
by LElizabeth May 18, 2015
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