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Also known as the River Cow.
Looks like the offspring of a walrus and Rosie O'Donnel

Can usually be found during the summers beached on riverbanks. These foul smelling beasts usually carry alot of marijuana tucked into their rolls.

Usually calm but when provoked these beasts will lash out...usually resulting in their own injury. Hunted nearly to extinction by it's sworn predator...the tire swing.

Makes sounds that resemble those of a dying panda.

Has the mental capabilities of a retarded Helen Keller.
"That makes it tire swing 2 Harlito 0"

Girl: Eww what was that smell.
Guy 1: Smelled like Weed, McDonalds, BO and Crotch Rot.
Guy 2: Must be a Harlito.

by The Texican Mexican October 20, 2006
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