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Was a characture in pantomime and comedy, who capers and acts like a clown. HE wears a tight-fitting costume covered with diamond-shaped patches of bright colors. The part began in Italian comedy durring the 1500's.

In most Batman vs Joker DC & Gaming ideas, Harleyquin is depicted as a sociopathic partner to the vilianis Joker. Nemesis to the Batman, she plunders to foil every attempt by the Batman to stop their crime spree.
Did you see the way Harleyquin was able to fondle the strings of his ukulele on the stage?

Harleyquin: But Mr. J, who's the stupid one now? That Batbrain is just dying to get his hands on our plan. do we Ice him?

Santma: Darndeling, would you like to visit Paris? You could laugh with me a bit watching the Harlequins dance in tights, while our noses get tickled.

Plause: Well, you've never asked me that before. Have you gone mad?

Santma: No, I'm scrintching my nose in thought is all. Are you afraid Harleyquin is going to drop acid in your pea soup when you pretend you're Batman in tights insted?

Plause: Stop being such a smart ass!

Santma: Like that's ever gonna happen!
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