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A maximum security prison in Searcy, Arkansas that masquerades as an institution of higher learning. Harding will kick you out for having "sexual relations" with the opposite sex which include 2nd base and on. They will kick you out for drinking alcohol even if you are legal age and for using tobacco products. Dancing is prohibited. Any student caught in the home of the opposite sex is subject to expulsion. Dorms are segregated by gender and members of the opposite sex are not allowed in. Once a month they have "open house" where members of the opposite sex are allowed in your dorm room but you have to keep the door open for RA checks. The typical Harding student will get married at 21 because they are sick of waiting to have sex.
Other than period trips to Wal Mart, students stay in their ivory tower that is the school campus. Searcy has absolutely nothing of value in it. For "fun" students can go to Little Rock but if you run into another student while doing something against the rules then you can expect to be expelled.

Daily chapel attendance is mandatory and if you don't attend church on Sunday you are viewed as a heathen. Harding does not have Fraternities or Sororities. They have clubs, which act in much the same way without the benefits of a national frat or sorority. If anyone dares to criticize the policies or ideology that Harding espouses they are told "You knew what Harding was like before you came here".

Harding will emotionally and spiritually cripple you.
Gary: I'm so excited! I got into Harding University!

Hank: Dude, they accept anyone that breathes.

Gary: Still, at least I'll be getting a solid Christian education in a good environment.

Hank: Please go to the Harding University entry on Urban Dictionary

Gary: Holy cow man. I didn't know it was like that.

Hank: Yeah man, want to go to a state school with me? We can have all the booze and girls we want.

Gary: Fuck yeah.
by Lou Putz October 01, 2012
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A high school in Charlotte, N.C that is full of faggots and bitches who go to class in trailers and eat dominoes pizza for lunch. Harding is full of crackers, spicks, chinks and, of course, niggers. Contrary to Phillip o' bitchy, there aren't many /b/tards at Harding, though there are a fuck load of weeaboos and nerds. In other words, weeaboos.

About every other day at Harding, 2 hoes get into an argument. They shout an shit but don't scrap. The week following that, someone else scraps because the 2 hoes wouldn't and they wanted to see a fight. Harding has more fights than phillip o berry. Harding should be closing down thanks to white people who hate us and will send us to phillip o berry.
Harding University student 1: YO NIGGA WHATS UP


Harding University student 1: Aight.

POB student 1: Put yo hands up then bitch nigga whats good

POB student 2: You'd better watch out or I will cast a spell on you!

POB student 1: Aight.
by Anon style January 19, 2011
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