To start off.
Hardcore is music.
Containing breakdowns,double peddling, brutality.
Many kids nowadays run around saying their HARDxCORE or SCENExCORE!!
When they listen to MCR, The Used, and other crap like that.
And they don't even know anything about the music they supposedly "listen to"
That is NOT hardcore.
Hardcore is Bury Your Dead,Throwdown,Black My Heart, Anterrabae, Symphony in Peril,Evergreen Terrace,Terror,Scars of Tomorrow, Most Precious Blood, It Dies Today and much more.
Don't go around judging hardcore based on those posers you see.

Hardcore bands: Bury Your Dead, Stick To Your Guns, It Dies Today, Throwdown
by cynthia. May 17, 2006
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Usually used to describe someone who punches their fist in the air and say that they're hardcore and punk and against anything conformist. This is rather interesting because you must conform to their clothes and music and depressiveness before they will let you hang out with them.
"Did you go to that concert last night? we were so hardcore."
"O my god did you see Ben, he is so not hardcore."
by Emzfly May 11, 2005
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(adjective and noun) In reference to a political or cultural movement, an organization, an association, or a category of criminal. crime, deviance or dissidence: the essential and dedicated members or actions who will not be dissuaded by threats or punishment and who will go all the way in pursuit of their aims; those who hang tough; winter soldier. Sometimes spelled as two words. Often the kind of thing is understood, for example "hardcore" instead of "hardcore porn".
"Hardcore pornography."

"Al-Qaeda's hard core will not be dissuaded by the bombing of the communities in which they are based."

"Sacco was a hardcore anarchist; he never wavered in his professed beliefs, even when they put him in jail and condemned him to death."

"After the cops visited the commune the day-trippers left and only the hardcore people remained."
by anarcissie May 21, 2008
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punk rockin, leather strap wearin, mosh pittin extremists
i feel so hard core with steel-toes on.
by Leya Fish January 19, 2003
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Seeing as she's the most hard core person on the planet, Rebekah Cecillia Zale, flexed her big gunz and startled little children everywhere.
by best marching leader ever! October 14, 2004
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A thug, Gangsta, or Bad ass who is tough, unbreakable, and unbeatable who has mostly everyone's respect and fear on the streets.
Damn, Dat thug juss popped dat whole crew. Dat nigga is hardcore.
by Clayton February 07, 2003
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