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Used by Bill Bailey in his "part troll" tour.

A vegan who won't drive through towns with the word "HAM" in the name.
Tom: You wanna go to Birmingham
Hardcore Vegan: Hell No
by Tom February 17, 2005
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Just like hating celebrities has turned into a fad with punk'd, saying you care about the environment has now become a good way of getting laid.
Hardcore vegans are people who not only have no idea what they're talking about, but also want to push down others, even like-minded, insisting they're "more vegan" than them. You know, "my dad could beat your dad", virtual penis size, just in another way.
I think a hardcore vegan will use natural neurotoxins to poison CEOs that do animal testing and slaughtering for profit.
How many people would be vegan if the term "vegan" did not exist? Sometimes we're more concerned with a category than the values represented by the category.
How many of our dwellings are made of wood? Are you 100% sure the tree used to manufacture your little hut wasn't another creatures home before you made it part of yours?
How many wear clothes that are cotton or hemp? Snakes / lizards / bunny rabbits live in cotton and hemp fields.
At what level do you define your vegan threshold? There are plenty of micro-organisms in the water you drink.
Who are you to say one species is more important than another? Are you falling prey to the same logic animal slaughterers and profiteers misuse?
We have a good life when we have the luxury of picking and choosing what we consume for food. Make sure you're obsessing over the right things.
by EternityInterface September 10, 2005
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