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It originated in Video Games (MMOs) like League of Legends or DoTa. It's a role that a player is assigned with the expectation to carry the team to victory. Other players on a team 'feed' the carry to get them strong enough to deal high attack damage to the opposing team and hopefully get them the victory.

GOT7 DID NOT INVENT THE WORD, Jackson explained where they got the term in one of their interviews.
by toucancan June 03, 2017
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When your group members suck ass and don't do shit, so you gotta do all the work and carry the team.
Fuck man, my group ain't doing shit. I gotta hard carry the team.
by blvnk April 15, 2017
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When your penis is so hard that it is painful to carry. First used by GOT7 to describe how horny they are for each other.
Dave can't make it to the movies tonight, he got a hard carry and can't move atm
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by Alpalalpacka September 21, 2016
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