It originated in Video Games (MMOs) like League of Legends or DoTa. It's a role that a player is assigned with the expectation to carry the team to victory. Other players on a team 'feed' the carry to get them strong enough to deal high attack damage to the opposing team and hopefully get them the victory.

GOT7 DID NOT INVENT THE WORD, Jackson explained where they got the term in one of their interviews.
by toucancan June 3, 2017
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Hard carry means the one person who plays the most important role, takes the lead, and brings the losing team to victory.
Our leader is the hard carry that he bring us to won this game.
by J4oandy March 8, 2017
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Hard-carry is a Konglish internet slang used to describe a heroic performance from a specific person that gives a victory or such achievement to the whole team or works, which otherwise would have lost or failed. It was first used by online gamers when a specific gamer from a losing team play so good and singlehandedly carries the team into victory. Now it's widely used in similar situations in general sports or entertainment as well.
Cavs are losing. Now all we can look forward to is Lebron James' hard carry

The movie would have been boring without the main actor's hilarious acting. He hard-carried the movie.
by GothamPD December 19, 2016
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When your group members suck ass and don't do shit, so you gotta do all the work and carry the team.
Fuck man, my group ain't doing shit. I gotta hard carry the team.
by blvnk April 16, 2017
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Hard carry is a Dota 2} term to define type of hero who is most effective at ultra late game if farmed well. They usually need lots of items to be effective, they are extremely weak and useless at early game.

For instance 3 slotted Phanto Assasin is much stronger than a 3 slotted Medusa, but when they are both 6 slotted Phantom Assasin will get rekt by Medusa.
We need to end this game before 40, they have hard carry.
by Pyjama Fighter October 30, 2018
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Possible answer to the question: "How's it hanging?".
This expression refers to the alleged lengthiness, hence the weight, of the penis. It also refers to pubic hair.
"how's it hanging?"
"long and hairy, hard to carry"
by bratzorf April 11, 2016
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