Short for "hardcore Gardnerian", in reference to a very traditional form of Wicca.
"Is Moonflower still in the Celtic-Norse-Sumerian-Babylonian-Ecclectic Dianic Coven?"
"No, she went Hard Gard."
by SilverCrowCoyote November 7, 2008
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Wiccan version of religious fundamentalists, and probably worst type of Wiccans you can encounter. They usually think only via initiation you can become a Wiccan, because Mother-of-all and Father-of-all are so weak that they will obey them all the time and will only talk to initiated ones.

They will insist on Wicca ''staying British'' even though originally it contained material from Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn which contained many things from eastern religions, Egyptians, Hebrews and it's largely based on Gospel of Aradia, which is Italian. They will also act like Gardnerian/Alexandrian Wicca is the only legit type of occultism (even though they have very little to zero occult knowledge) and try to bash every other believer that has been not ''initiated''.
''I am a third degree Hard Gard you losers! I am so witchy but cannot even lift a curse!''
''Maybe degrees are more aligned with arrogance rather than knowledge?''
by owlowlowl December 22, 2015
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