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A very violent and gory online cartoon series. It's violence is equal to South Park's use of profanity, but it still is a very good show.

Looks can be deceiving. The characters of Happy Tree Friends
may appear cute, and the name may appear childish, but wait less than thirty seconds, and first blood is drawn. No audible dialog is present in the show. But that's OK when blood and guts tell the story.
HappyTreeFriends is the single most gory online cartoon series ever.
by AhmGoudAdSpellenk May 30, 2007
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An adorable little woodland creature that often dies in horrible, bloody, and often unimaginable freak accidents.
The common sound of a Happy Tree Friend: Wheeeeeeeeee!! Ahhahaha! Wheeeeeee--Ackk! Umph! Ohh!! <whimper> <whimper>... Huh? Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Ack--gahhhhh...<expires>
by mrrockguy June 30, 2004
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A show made by Mondo Media about adorable creatures being killed in unfortuanate events that lead to their death
Disco Bear is my favorite Happy Tree Friends character.
Happy Tree Friends is an awesome show!
by Tamama2 May 16, 2009
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An Awesome Show created by mondomedia.Short HTF it can be funny at times and is super awesome and the haters of this show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Tree Friends
by HTFfan August 31, 2011
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Stupid videos that are not funny at all. All it is is some little animals getting brutally killed in every episode and then somehow appearing in the next one completely normal again, only to get completely mauled again. It is not funny at all, just disturbing and sick. I want to know who the sick person who made this is because they've got some problems.
Guy: Hey let's watch happy tree friends!
Me: Why? I already know what's gonna happen. They're all gonna die very bloody deaths! It's not even funny!
by zuawg October 11, 2008
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a kickass site involving cute forest animals getting killed in violent bloody accidents (cartoon)
Hey did you see that new Happy Tree Friends episode where the skunk's head gets smashed into a grill and explodes?
by Staycie June 07, 2003
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