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When getting ready to ejaculate from cunnilingus, one must punch the girl with both fists in the eyes. Thus instantly giving her two black eyes, to make her resemble a semen covered raccoon. Then once completely finished, whilst walking out of the house, one must knock over the girls trash and recycling bins.
Did you hear that Mel Gibson gave Oksana Grigorieva a Happy Raccoon right before he threatened to bury her under his rose bushes?
by Twistid_420 August 06, 2010
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The Happy Raccoon is when:
You first, as the alpha male, feed your signifigant other german bundt cake mixed with x-lax. This will cause the girl to have to hav to take a massive fucking shit. Now in order to give ur feet the proper lubrication u will hav your partner urinate on your feet. Now after a proper lube job u stick those slippery feet up that bitches fat skanky ass. Now the x-lax is probly kikin in. The girl now begins to crap on your feet giving a feeling like no other. Now you take ur feet out of tha gurlz ass and draw circles with tha shit on your feet around tha girlz eyes. This will make her look like a raccoon, hence the name "The Happy Raccoon".
"Mr. T and I did the Happy Raccoon and then I tried it with a real raccoon"- Antonio Banderas
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