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When you are in the doghouse for getting drunk and snorting cocaine with your buddies all weekend instead of spending time with your girlfriend .... You strategically suprise her with a dozen roses causing her to forget about your escapade and have her jumping up and down like a happy kangaroo
Dave: hey tom is your old lady still pissed about the weekend? Tom : nah it's all good I just gave her a happy kangaroo ... Let's go get drunk again
by Super jo jo and friends June 15, 2016
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When you clean out your marijuana pipe and use the rez by cleaning it off the the stick/paper clip with a nug of pot (like a jellyfilled donut) and then stick that in the middle of the bowl. Then you sprinkle several different strains over it.
I’ve saved up a few strains of the herb, ya wanna create a happy kangaroo and light it up?
by Hedeledel dee November 28, 2018
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