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The generic name given the labia majora which emanate from the mons pubis, that is the outer lips of a woman's genitals. Contrast this with the arguably more popularmeat curtains. Note that the phrase 'happy lips' assumes that there is 'happiness' if there are one or more individuals whose focus and attentions and actions are focused on said anatomy, to the end of sexual gratification.

It should be noted that the potential happiness in said lips is dependent upon several factors, not the least of which being the intrinsic sensitivity of the 'happy lips' or as well as the state of arousal of the person to whom said happy lips belong, the overall propensity to achieve pleasurable sensations by one's own hand (or the hands / implements / adult toys of those in attendance / with whom there is / may be sexual communion) as well as age and the general condition of the vagina in general.

Patriarchal doctrine would presume that the degree of happiness achieved by said lips is a function of male / female genital contact or equivalently, male oral to female genital contact. Indeed, for many this remains the case, but care should be taken not to generalize and to acknowledge that same-sex stimulation is not only mutually beneficial for some, but in some cases, the only 'configuation' that can bring true happiness to the lips in question.
Dude...last night my girlfriend and I were watching a classic Marilyn Chambers flick from the 80' know...the one where she gets throat-f*cked by some stage-hand while she's on the pool girl started rubbing one out to that scene, so I told her that I wanted to apply a lil' dick-stick to her happy lips. I figured it was better than telling her I wanted to 'cure' her meat curtains.
by justplainnuts March 13, 2011
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