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Hanuel's are great friends! Always there for you when you need a friend<3 they always know the right thing to say. They always put a smile on your face! Right when you see them! Somtimes can be shy but get to know A Hanuel and she's as loud as can get! There usally Asian(; haha but are sooo cute! and loving! and can have there soft side! but always has there side you dont want to come out.<3 She likes to party! and loves dogs! and animals! and have a great sexy body and look sexy in bathing suits! Every out-going and fun!<3 Also Hanuel's are REALLY popular! And all the ugly but sometimes cute guys like her.(; Hanuel's Are usally VERY tall! but still soooo much fun!<3 Also get ALOT of facebook likes for there statuses(; Hanuel's ALWAYS keep there promises<3 Also they VERY talkitive! Hanuel's are a BIG bundle of fun, joy, sweetness, loving, and caring. Hanuel's are also veryy sneaky so if you know a Hanuel watch out! Because you'll never know what there going to do!(;
Damnnnn, Hanuels lookin sexyy todayy broo(;
by Ken-Ken1234(: January 09, 2012
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