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An end of year holiday that celebrates aspects of nature as opposed to consumerism.
Hannuk is the Festival of 1000 Glowing Dragonflies
It occurs over 3 nights from 23-25 Dec.
1st night of Hannuk -

Nasung - One must collect clovers and press them in time for Nasung to give to loved ones for luck for the following year. The clovers can have 3 or 4 clovers. A night of Earth Celebration
2nd night of Hannuk -

Telsoo - Sunflowers are plantes as soon as the wear watms from winter so they are in bloom in time. Sunflowers are a representative of the Sun and all of his life giving qualities. A day of Sky Celebration.
3rd Night of Hannuk -

Quoltek - On this 3rd night of Hannuk, we recognise out insignificance in the universe as well as out significance in the larger picture of spirituality. Star decoration adorn the homes.. large feasts are served on this night. A night of Star Celebration.
Happy Hannuk!
You don't like Christian Holidays, try Hannuk!
What is Hannuk? People know in their soul what Hannuk is.
by Payou Cosmic Traveller December 25, 2012
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