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A true pairing
Hannah a straight gal wastes no time in finding "the one" Hannah is a beauty to all men and women. (Doesnt give bad blow jobs etheir)

(Girl 1)I wish I could look more like Hannah!
(Girl 2)Fuck tell me about it sister!

Riley a rad tomboy gal. Riley is a bisexual (gives best lesbian sex around) loves Hannah to pieces.
Never has the guts to say though.

(Girl 1) Ooo look theres Riley;)
(girl 2) OMG she ate my pussy out last night!

(Boy 1) She took my dick all in her ass!
(Boy 2) She's so tight.
(Boy 3) She rode me all night;)

Riley finally tells Hannah and because Riley is a loyal friend she gives her a chance. Hannah soon Realizes Riley is the girl she must be with (love of her life, soul mate, life parter, etc...)
They are wed and Riley pleases Hannah everynight with her mad skills.Hannah is still getting dick from her previous exes without Riley Knowing; Riley is fucking Hannah's sister and her brother ;)
Hannah and Riley are such a cute pair!
by Lesbian smuts June 17, 2014
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