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Old, about age 84, even though was born in the year of: 1901.
Currently lives in nursinghome, and has special attention, from nurse Olga. Best friends with Boonkchap, and is the lady's man. He carries many different unidentified diseases, eg: Mushroom fruit. Is very dim, doubtful and very stupid. He helped with sign ups, for the World War II. Acts like he is 7 years old, and enjoys pooping. He participates with enthusiasm in sports, and other activities at the Nursinghome of San Andreas, in which he lives in. He fights with no reason, with Boonkchap, and argues frequently with apprentice: Jodger, the Nursinghome rat, and also Olga's pet. To say the least, he has a wide imgination, and has gone insane since he was about 17 years old, when he was kicked by a rooster. He frequently enjoys yelling: Areba! And he pees uncontrollably, and has to wear a diaper many times a week. He loves music, like Eddie Rabbitt, he also likes to eat soap when no one's around, and also likes to have the trots (creamy squirts that rush from the anus), and loves to yell at the Wendy's logo. And much, much more.
Hankerchins went pee on the carpet.
by Boonkchap December 09, 2008
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