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A sketch artist from deviantArt, who first debuted on the Digimon fan site with his submission "Kill Imp". He started as a socalled Digimon artist before he expanded his area. Originally known as Hammi, but also took on the name Hammi4Real when joining deviantArt. He has since worked on numerous sketches and participated in art collabs on Newgrounds, the popular flash site runned by Tom Fulp. A member of the site as well under his real alias Hammi. A Wonchop fan and a close friend of Frozen, a rising manga artist on deviantArt. Yet his closest one remains to be Karlos-Elite, a furry wolf who is responsible for the growing AAMS(Anthro Army Mini Series), which have its own club on deviantArt.

He is Pakistani by origin and currently lives in Norway.
DigimonHomie: Dude, do you have a specific sig?

Hammi4Real: Yep, it goes like "I may be aggressive but not an aggressor. I'm real... Hammi4Real ;P".

DigimonHomie: ... any quotes?

Hammi4Real: Fly or die(go for it, or forget it and leave)
by DigimonHomie March 05, 2007
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