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1. Heros of newerth charcter
2. the only thing that can go toe-to-toe with Chuck norris

omg they have chuck norris, well we have hammerstorm

chuck norris can walk though land, but hammerstorm and swim through chuck norris

hammerstorm doesn't get wet the water get HAMMERSTORMED.
by Pathfinderz September 08, 2009
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Another term for gangbang, referring to many cocks.
Sheila's feeling sore today, she went out with the football team last night and got caught in a hammer storm.
by Colin Pattullo November 02, 2006
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The Act of being completely shit faced. i.e. intoxicated, wasted, owned, shivased, and shmammered.
Oh my god dude I was so hammer stormed last night.


(Fist pump) "HAMMER STORM!!!"
by Cucha February 04, 2010
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