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A south African sex move, originated from latin greeks in about 6 A.D.
When you call up between 5-10 friends and they all bring sledge hammers to your house. you hide them under your bed and invite a girl over for sex. Once shes over and is naked and ready, you tell her "hold on i'll be right back"

once you leave, thats the queue for your friends to come out from under the bed and bash her like a mexican pinata at a festival. They beat her as brutal as possible, without killing her, and making sure she is still concious. Your friends all hide back under the bed and you come back in after about 2-3 minutes of her brutal suffering.
Once you enter the room you say

"ready"? with a big smile on your face, ignoring the fact her breasts are half beaten off, and half on her knees, and her vagina is what appears to be now a closed off cave of monstrosity.

This is all just for a quick laugh with your friends. Im sure the girl wont mind very much.
Avery: hey guys, wanna come over with some sledge hammers and do a hammer hunter with me?

Group of guys: Oh hell yea. havent done one of those in a while. i could use a good laugh.
by Trilf January 31, 2010
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