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What is it- A school in the vicinity of Hamilton-Trenton area.People- Filled every race known to man (Kind of like if you threw everything in your refrigerator into a bowl and started mixing) also filled people who will never graduate, wierdo-nerds, oh yeah a lot of jocks. Rules- No going out for lunch you will get sent to in school suspension, no hugging kissing fucking you will get a fine, no smoking you will get a ticket. Principle- Darth Vader looking African-American that has blondish gray hair. Tips- If you want to get out, run, if you need a boagie walk, if you want to get good food stay the fuck out of the dirty cockroach infested area and go to the sev.
Hamilton High School, Chaz, Bri, Little Kitner, Sam, Skyler, Jacqueline, Jimmy, Adam, Nick, Alex, Lorisa, Damar, Sam, Katie, Ricki, Mr.Ski(Awesome ass teacher) and Sam.

Yo you want to go to west? Nah fuck west lets go to Trenton Market and grab a boage.

Hamilton High West, Hamilton, New Jersey
by Chaz12345678910111213 September 29, 2010
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