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Small town in northwestern Alabama. Quite possibly one of the most boring places in the world. Hamilton is famous for its small minded citizens, corrupt city government, mentally retarted street walkers, and wide spread drug use.
I would rather shave my pubes off with a rusty S.O.S pad that live in Hamilton, AL
by Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa February 02, 2006
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A city in NW Alabama known for its many problems, mainly drug abuse and gang activity. The most notorious of these is the Crapes, who are known for the color lavender and their moose gang symbol.
John: Hey I'm thinkin bout goin to Hamilton, AL tonight. You wanna roll?
Joe: Naw man I'm good. I don't do meth, plus I heard the Crapes were real bad in that area.
by aydohburt February 11, 2011
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