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1. Scottish rhyming slang for racist term "Pakis"

2. (Accies) A corner shop in Scotland.

3. A football (soccer) team from the west of Scotland. Full title: Hamilton Academical.

The usage of 1 & 2 is linked- due to the large numbers of Pakistani and Indian immigrants who owned shops. Usage is sparse nowadays- except in the West of Scotland, around Motherwell and Hamilton- where the obvious geographical link between the phrase and the place of usage is apparent. Definition 2 is also acceptable in Northern Ireland.
1. I'm not keen on all these Hamilton Accies coming over here and stealing our jobs.

2. I'm heading round the Accies. You wanting anything?

3. "And the final scores are Hamilton Academical; two, Motherwell; nil."
by Rickykaka August 24, 2010
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