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Arabic name meaning praiseworthy. Typically a female who is very attractive, intelligent, caring, thoughtful, and open. Can be very gullible, naive, and easily manipulated. Tries to be very religious. Does not tolerate inequality, injustice, or falsehood. Not to be messed around with because Karma will get you back badly. Nicknamed Hamdi.
"There she is, see the girl over there? That’s my best friend Hamdia. Whenever I need advice she’s there to help me. Always. She’s a strong person. She's way too serious, she’s never even smoked weed. I’ve tried it once at least. She so f*cking adamant about staying away from drugs and all that sh*t. Let me introduce you to lil Ms.Perfect."

"Oh, there goes lil Miss Sunshine Dia."

"She's no model but she still pretty and smart."

"Hamdia, can you help me with this?"
by soamazingggswagalicious January 15, 2014
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