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When a 3D model got an ass like Moses parted it, looking like a hamburger with pussy and ass filling.

This saying was popularized by Arhoangel who tried to make models for overwatch characters that had huge hamburger asses looking like he just got out of mcdonalds

Aint no body want to click on a gif thinking they can get some nice widowmaker pussy then they see some hamburger lookin' ass out of no where, thats not what we mean when someone lookin like a snacc
"Widowmaker has a fucking hamburger ass."
"That ass looks like the red sea in the bible."
"This animation is trash because of dat hamburger ass."
by DATBOI6998 February 21, 2018
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The feeling of fecal matter trapped between the buttocks; refers to the sensation rather than the result (see dingleberry).
Lack of wiping or wiping improperly will result in hamburger ass.
by Professor English July 22, 2010
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