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A large, gaping vagina used for the purpose of storage, as it is too large to receive pleasure. The ham cabinet is a very secure form of storage and is often used to transport good overseas, and has been known to be used to smuggle drugs and other paraphernalia in the black market.

The first known use of the ham cabinet was during the 1600's when Puritan woman would use them to carry wood, farm supplies, groceries, and personal belongings.
Ex. 1
Husband: "Honey, have you seen my car keys and my briefcase?"
Wife: "Don't worry, they're right here in my ham cabinet."

Ex. 2
Doctor 1: "Where's the disposal for the used gloves and the used needles?"
Doctor 2: "Due to recent cutbacks, we had to do away with the disposal programs, but you can use my ham cabinet."
by murphy'slaw March 09, 2011
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