Invented in india referring to the dessert (halwa) Used for people who have mixed feelings and who are as dense as a halwa(It's made up of carrots or semolina boiled with milk, almonds, sugar, butter, and cardamom) So they are born with these skills which make them a halwa

So everything's kind of mixed up ..People who try to outsmart everyone , Also used for people who tag all of their friends in their photos to get likes ,Are usually dumb,annoying and the early symptoms are" TyPiNg LykE DyS"
They call their partner with these specific set of names

Obama - What's up ?
Justin bieber - Your mom Cuz she's always on me.
Obamo - Halwa

Hindi Example

Rajpal yadav (Bollywood actor) -Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kaisi hai sonam?
Sonam kappor (actress) - Aur Btau jaAnU Tum Kaise ho :) :) :p
Rajpal yadav - bas tumari yaad mei jee rha hu

sonam kapoor - Aww ewwe my cutiepue so sweetY my shona
Rajpal yadav - Halwi gutka thuk mu se pehle
by kartikeya7 December 15, 2014
A sweet originated in india.
You can also call your friends "Halwa" to compliment them.
"Hey mate".
"Hey halwa how are u doing today".
by Subtosidemen March 25, 2020