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People (mostly male) with an absolutly ridiculus obsession with playing Halo. So intense that they are in danger of never getting a job, girlfriend, or leaving the basement of their parents house other than to get food from the kitchen (because they just take a shit down there). These individuals sometimes have a fetish with Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Ningas, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, and other non-relistic worlds, and may pretend to be in them at times. There continion may worsen if they become in posetion of a headset where they are able to converse with fello Halosapinans.
"Have you distcovered what's wrong with my son? he never showers or walks to the bathroom, or even leaves the house."
Docter: "I'm sorry but I'm conferming your son as a Halosapinan"
"OH NO! that explains the Ninga swords off Ebay!"
by Lef-t WA. February 20, 2009
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