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Haliny is a unique name given to someone rare but beautiful. A Haliny cares about everyone - and although they don't like to show it they have beautiful caring hearts. They have great taste in Music and always know how to accessorize even the ugliest outfit. They take nothing for granted and they live life to the fullest, and if you stand in their way, they will beat you up. Any one with the name Haliny has a bright future - although lazy at time they are naturally smart. They also tend to attract attention to themselves unintentionally by asking stupid questions in class, but they light up everybody's day by doing so and make people laugh in the worst of cases. So go get yourself a friend called Haliny, I have one, and she is everything you can want in a friend.
Hey where is Haliny? The whole class room is silent.
by Mammamia March 21, 2012
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