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The segment of US-1 in Deerfield Beach, Florida between Hillsboro Boulevard and Southwest 10th Street.

The nickname is given due to the high density of halfway houses located there. These people are often seen sitting outside of the local Publix Supermarket talking about life as they see it.

Notable Personalities Include:

-Bob the Bus-Stop Bench Warmer
-The crazy black lady having conversations with herself while walking and usually carrying something like a Fed-Ex envelope for delivery to her imaginary whoever.
-The balding white guy with the smile on his face forever in string flip-flops who looks completely capable of being a productive member of society if he only gave a shit.
-The hippy white guy with abnormally clean clothes and tucked in shirt on the bike. Walks with a limp.
The big black quite walker who never has a shirt on because it's too damn hot and he is too damn big. This guy will be around with the cockroaches at the end of the world. He get's a lot of exercise.
-The latino guy who talks to himself and points
Person 1: "What's with all these degenerates walking around here?"
Person 2" "Dude we're driving through Halfway Highway."
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