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A holiday celebrated at Camp Swampy, NC by the soldiers there. Very similar to Halloween, but is a funny day when Amos Halftrack falls sick. When asked to wear masks the staff wear Halloween masks as opposed to surgical masks. Amos does not find this amusing and his wife, Marty, even said it looks silly. The first Halftrackeen was on May 22, 2011 after a flu epidemic had broken out. It is so silly but be careful, you may get sick!
Amos: Oh no, another cold epidemic. I bet its Halftrackeen.

Marty: Yeah, you're right. Its a big one. The whole base must be in on it.

Amos: (puts on a surgical mask) I'll go see what's up with all this. Do you want to come?

Marty: No, I got a date with Bridie. We're going to play some tennis.

Amos: Okay. See you later, sweetie! (he throws her a kiss through the mask. He gets to the office and Sheila is in there)

Sheila: Boo! Its Halftrackeen so I thought I would wear my devil mask. Cute, huh?

Amos: Silly! This is not supposed to be fun. This is serious.

Sheila: Oh, loosen up General. If you get sick we can always take you to Stainy. He knows what to do.

Amos: (laughs) He'll probably just rub us with some Mary Mud and pray the Hail Mary over us. Halftrackeen sure is fun! Even if we do get a little green.
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 27, 2011
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