Halfoween falls on May 1st of each year. Its first year of celebration with be in 2010. Halfoween originates from people being fed up with the fact that we only dress up for Halloween once a year - it's too much fun and should be celebrated more frequently!

Thus, Halfoween was born. Halfoween consists of all the relevant traditions from Halloween - trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, teenagers attending drunken house parties, vampires and zombies roaming the streets, etc.

The name is perfect, the timing is perfect - May 1st - HALFWAY (half a year!) from one Halloween to the next. University/college students will be out of school, the weather will be warm, and furthermore, May 1st falls on a Saturday in 2010!

Spread the word, make Halfoween 2010 an internationally celebrated event!
Person 1: Dude are you dressing up for Halfoween?
Person 2: Totally man! I'm so excited that we can dress up TWICE in 2010 instead of just once on Halloween!
Person 1: I know! Make sure you RSVP to the Halfoween event on Facebook though, and invite your friends to spread the word!
by RichardP12 December 29, 2010
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Halfoween is June 1

Since Halloween is the 305th day of the year halfoween would be on the 152.5th day of the year so basically the 153rd
Hey bro happy Halfoween, Shut the fuck up mark no one cares about it
by SnuffDidIt May 11, 2020
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