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Half the soul is lost. That is why the seed lies dormant.

A quote from a play station game titled 'Silent Hill'. This quote refers to an embryo which hasn't entirely developed due to a portion of its soul being lost. Although this line seems quite context specific in the game, some may say a deeper meaning exists.

It has been revealed that a soul can split into separate parts (usually but not limited to two distinct entities) at some stage during the incarnation process, but still remain two halves of the one soul. Thus, in this case, the one soul is actually residing in two separate vessels, or physical bodies. It might be that the two people holding the half of the other's soul are consciously unaware of this but the lost half of their soul manifests as a feeling of incompleteness... "half the soul is lost". The two vessels may not understand this feeling of incompleteness, however the part of their soul which contains their being, does. The power and potential of the soul can only truly be activated once there is the union of the two half souls. The union of the two vessels, not just on a physical level but also on spiritual and cosmic levels. If such two soul parts remain lost from each other the power of unconditional, infinite & eternal love and potential to complete the soul's mission, remains asleep... "that is why the seed lies dormant". A union of soul halves gives rise to a blinding fusion of two beautiful entities into one powerful cosmic force.
Half the soul is lost. That is why the seed lies dormant.

Half our soul is lost. That is why we lie asleep and incomplete.
by Thunliogo August 11, 2010
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