A Pick-Up Truck that weighs a half ton.

ex.) Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, Honda Ridgeline, Dodge Ram, Suzuki Tracker
Truckguys'll tell ya, takin off from a dead stop with 10,000 pounds aint no picnic. So this half ton's got the most torque, 6-speed tranny with tow-haul mode...and 4 oversized disc breaks. Cuz stopping 10,000 pounds...aint no picnic either.
by TruckGuy May 6, 2009
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A Dj from Crackhouse Productions, Real Name Alex C. Reppin that Houston area. Known Locally for having outlandish Parties at his Mansion and also many liasons with famous actresses and Singers.
Friend 1: Man I got invited to a Party

Friend 2: Oh yeah, whos is it ?

Friend 1: Dj Half Ton, dude

Friend 2: Man, Thats awesome I love his parties, Are the playboy bunnies gonna be there again?
by Metric Ton May 21, 2009
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An old piece of shit truck, AKA brennen O'connor's truck
Hick #1 -Man look at that clapped out half ton in the school parking lot.
Hick #2 -OH ! you mean O'connor's Truck
by Hick #2 January 19, 2018
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