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When a girl doesnt shave her puss and leaves a forest down stairs. These girls are considered filthy, Yet plenty of men love a good hairy mutt
"Yeah i asked my girlfriend not to shave her mutt, now its a hairy Mutt"

"Hey Toni i can see your pubic hairs, shave ya hairy mutt!!"

"Last night i put my face in my sisters hairy mutt"

"Hey John can you shave my hairy mutt?"
by Sloppy Rig July 04, 2012
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shave your pubic hair,comence to a pile, get head,blow your load all over her face,then tar and feather her face with your pubes.
"after my girl left the restroom, someone said oh look it's a hairy mutt, watch out."
by Mr. Clutch January 15, 2009
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