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Is a sly and cunning sexual maneuver which requires two males and a single female. One male convinces the female to lay on her front or go down upon all fours preparing to be pleased. However, at this point the second male (who has been lying in wait in a secluded nearby position) emerges and switches spots with the first male. After completing the process (sodomy, sexual intercourse, etc.) the second male asks the female if she wishes to see a trick. As the female turns to view the promised trick, the second male ejaculates sperm onto the females face, before running for life.

This move is best used in tandem with fluffing, whereby the first male applies the fluff and has the female close her eyes, as the houdini or switcheroo is executed, and the second male comes in to complete the procedure, licking the fluff off. All the while the female is nonthewiser.
Bob and I executed the hairy houdini on veronica last night.

Want to see a magic trick?
by koolaidforlife May 10, 2009
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verb. To seduce a man with a sensual massage leading to a hot slippery reach around and a magic trick. After he is on all fours, his ass in the air in front of you and rock hard in your hand, ask him if he wants you to show him a magic trick. When he says yes, shove a huge dildo balls deep in his hairy ass and shout, "TA-DA! Who's the Bitch NOW?"
Jack was acting like a manwhore, thinking I was his bitch, until I pulled a Hairy Houdini on his ass!
by Jillikesbob December 28, 2008
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