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Hainford is a small village along to A140 (the Cromer road) in Norfolk, England. Although it is a very pleasant little place the recent establishment of Harvest Close turns its reputation down a notch, likening it to the likes of Thorpe Marriot and the new estate of Horsford.

Despite being quite a nice place, there is practically nothing for the teenager generation to do in Hainford except the Adventure Playground (which gets a little less adventurous with every inch you gain in height) and illegally going into the private woods of the Hainford Hall Car Spares. If one could get into Hainford Hall itself this would be intriguing, for it is apparently haunted.

The only interesting things that have ever happened in Hainford was when the pub caught fire and when a car went in the car crusher at the Car Spares when it still had petrol in it. Kaboom.
"I live in Hainford."

and the only thing one ever gets asked by passing cars when walking through Hainford: "Excuse me, where's Hainford Hall Car Spares?"
by I am no one. June 07, 2004
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