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Nickname for "Hailey."
An affectionate nickname, reffering to:

One of the nicest, most caring girls you'll ever meet. They have such patience for mistakes, and are so sweet all the time... Haileys are always so pretty... and if you hate her then you're like retarted. Once you meet one she'll change your life forever...only for the better, of course :)
it could be that you would even fall in love with one.
They make for amazing girls and even more incredible best friends.
Always makes me smile every time I see her, or talk to her, or even just think about her- which ends up happening often. Don't lose her. It'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

And ps they're great in videos. Especially vlogs.
"i'm sorry for everything i ever did to hurt you, Hailss. I don't ever want to lose you cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me!" :)
by everydayimtumblin' October 16, 2011
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