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When an overweight woman attempts to look attractive by wearing tight yoga pants that are a bit too short.

The results make the legs of that woman resemble a Haggis due to being narrower at the top where the pants are and the bottom is also narrow at the foot while the rest is larger because it's not compressed in the tight yoga pants.

This isn't a medical issue.
It may be caused by fast food or any unhealthy diet but may also occur before and after child birth.

This phenomenon is popular in the mostly in the United States and United Kingdom.
And can sometimes be seen across the world wherever land whales roam the land and tight yoga pants exist at reasonable prices.
Douche example:

*whistles loudly*..Look at that.....Those are some fine haggis legs.....I'm gonna tap dat!

In a conversation:

Friend 1:Your girlfriend has a serious case of haggis legs.

Friend 2: Not as bad as yo mama!

In the street:

Excuse me mam but your haggis legs are scaring the children.
by Lardladtheturd October 02, 2014
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